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Development Plan

Short term – by the end of 2024

Over a one-year period, our main objectives are to

  •  Relaunch the Réseau Sentience on a professional basis so that it is efficient and able to fulfill its missions in the long term.
  •  Create at least five new branches by the fall of 2024, starting as early as September 2023 (creation of the Grenoble branch). This will be a good basis to rebuild our capacity for action at the national level, to hope that our press releases will be taken up and to create a momentum that will motivate the creation of other branches throughout France.
  • Support the development of our branches and structure the links between them. The aim is for them to rebuild a militant base, equip themselves and plan actions throughout the year: conferences, stands, negotiations to make veganism more accessible on campus….
  • Encourage the participation of international students studying at French universities.
  • Seek financing to set up the network in India and the USA.

To achieve these goals, we will (and already do)

Update and improve Réseau Sentience’s communication tools: develop the website, create a new logo, flyer and poster.

  • With a view to creating new branches:
  • Solicit our network of activists to recruit new local coordinators.
  • Launch an information campaign with information stands at animal rights events, posters in universities, and publications in student groups on social networks.
  • When setting up new antennas:
  • Share the necessary communication tools: email addresses, logo, graphic charter, internal communication space.
  • Help with the administrative set-up of the antennas and respond to their requests.
  • Organize training sessions on Sentience Network values, operations and strategy.
  • To ensure the continuity, the development of the antennas and the link between them:
  • Encourage antennas and establish protocols to ensure their continuity.
  • Create an internal communication tool open to all Sentience members to encourage collaboration between antennas, the emergence of joint projects, etc.
  • Organize regular meetings with the referents of each branch.
  • Organize an annual meeting for all Sentience members.
  • To develop an international dimension
  • To ensure that this development goes smoothly
    On a financial and operational level, our goal is to have found sufficient funds to ensure the creation and maintenance of essential salaried positions: two full-time multi-skilled people to manage the organization, supervise the branches, manage operations and communications in France (they will be able to work part-time between now and July 2024); two people to do the same in India; one people to do the same in the USA; and a part-time employee in France to, with one of us, support employees abroad and work on developing the network in these countries.

Medium term – by 2026

We want to put our full weight behind the universities by being present in each one and carrying out as many activities as possible. They are the ideal place to prepare for a profound cultural change.

We want to influence the terms of the public debate on animal exploitation (in particular, to ensure that it is framed in ethical terms). In particular, we want to help raise the profile of traditionally neglected sentient beings – aquatic and invertebrate animals.

We also want to spread the word about Effective Altruism.

Finally, we want to develop mobilizing national campaigns, for example for the vegetalization (veganization) of university canteens or for the right of students to refuse practical work with animals in biology courses.

One of our main objectives is also to be the most effective gateway for training new animal activists.

To ensure that our impact extends beyond France, we want to sensitize and train international students to become players in the animalist movement in their own countries.

We also want to recruit regional referents, capable of developing and energizing the Network in these other countries. Ultimately, the students themselves will be responsible for organizing their own network of branches.

Long term – by 2030

In the long term, our ambition is for the network to develop a truly international reach, in the French-speaking world and in the rest of the world (English-speaking world, Latin America, Asia and Africa).



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