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Team members of the Réseau Sentience organization

For the time being, we are the architects of the renewal of the association. We work collegially. We plan to quickly integrate representatives from each branch into the network organization so they can participate in decision-making and organizational work.

Co-Executive Directors

Valentine Deneuville is a student in Rennes and has been co-president of the Rennes branch of the Sentience Network for 2 years (Sentience Rennes).

David Faucheux has been involved in animal issues for about fifteen years. Co-founder of Sentience Rennes, he is currently president of the association Convergence Animaux Politique.

Board members

Yves Bonnardel, a grassroots egalitarian activist, co-founded in 1990 Les Cahiers antispécistes (the leading French-language militant and theoretical journal that launched the modern animal advocacy movement in France), the Réseau contre le spécisme, the Veggie Pride marches ( and, as well as the Estivales de la Question animale, the Swiss association Pour l’Égalité Animale and the World Day for the Abolition of Meat and then, the Marches for the Closing down of All Slaughterhouses, the World Days for the End of Fishing and for the End of Speciesism, and the anti-speciesist magazine L’Amorce. He is co-founder of the egalitarian editions tahin party, has written numerous theoretical and strategic articles (some translated into English at Fighting Speciesism) and two books on animal issues (La Révolution antispéciste, Presses universitaires de France, 2018 and Solidarité animale. Défaire la société spéciste, La Découverte, 2020). He has twice been supported by the Pollination Project (US$ 6,000).

Mata’i Souchon works full-time as co-director of two organizations:

He is also member of the board for:

  • A think tank, Césama, also supported by Animal Charity Evaluators in 2022, which is working to quantify the amount of public subsidies for animal exploitation in France and to develop macro-economic scenarios for redirecting these funds towards programmes to help farmers transition to plant-based production;
  • Réseau Sentience, on a voluntary basis (2 hours/week).



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