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Responsibilities of regional Managers

We’re looking for funding to launch the Sentience Network in the USA and India. The description below was written for the USA but applies equally to India.


What will be the tasks of the regional managers of Réseau Sentience in the USA?

– There will be a ¼ time employee in France whose role will be, in collaboration with Yves Bonnardel (a member of the Steering Committee of the Sentience (International) Network who is acting on a voluntary basis), to supervise the creation of the network in the USA, to ensure its conformity with the Réseau Sentience project, and to accompany and support the person in charge of the project in the USA.

– And a full-time employee in the USA whose mission will be, in constant collaboration with the French team, to create and manage the structure of the Réseau Sentience USA (the structure to which the local antennae of the various American universities are attached), to participate in the regular updating of the strategic objectives of the Réseau Sentience USA, to develop the network of local antennae by supporting the animators, connect the antennas through a social network that she’ll moderate if necessary, publicize the existence and mission of the network in the American animal rights and effective altruism circles and on social networks, and work to finance the operation of Réseau Sentience USA and part of the salary of the person dedicated to the project in France.

This employee, ideally based in California, will create a Réseau Sentience organization (perhaps called Sentience Network?) according to the laws of the country; he/she will supervise the creation and development of local Sentience antennas in his/her country, ensure their compliance with a charter and their signing of an affiliation contract, see to their sustainability, their networking, and instill a collective dynamic that makes each antenna as active as possible. He/she will be in charge of his/her National (Regional) Network and will be expected to report regularly on its activities to the International Network; he/she will ultimately be responsible for the financing of his/her Regional Network.

Job description for the person in charge in the USA

– He/she will work with the French team to set up the Network organization in his/her country, adapting the existing French Manifesto (Charter) and the contract for affiliation of local branches to the Network to local conditions.

– He/she will use all necessary means to encourage the creation of new antennae:

– Find students or teachers likely to create an associative antenna affiliated to the network (via activist networks, via social networks; via academics who know committed students, etc.).

– Explain clearly what is expected of them: the idea of a cultural struggle, the ideological approach (speciesism, animal equality, sentientism, etc.) of the network, the creation of an association, the links with the network, the events that can be organized at the university and with the students (or teachers);

– Support them in their efforts, as long as necessary: practical creation of the local association, administrative procedures to qualify for university subsidies, organization of events, campaigning possibilities, links with other organizations…

– He/she will set up a network of antennas (via Discord or Slack…) and make sure that it is useful for all the antennas, that it allows the exchange of information, the creation of a shared sense of belonging and that it allows to strengthen the dynamics present locally;

– After the first year of existence of a local branch, he/she will ensure the integration of a delegate of the branch in the Steering Committee of the Regional Network. This delegate, like those of the other branches, will participate in the decisions of the network and will gradually take over some of the tasks of the staff member, as far as he or she is able to do so.

– He/she will play an active role in the constant updating of the objectives set for him/her and in their monthly strategic reassessment.

– He/she will find sources of funding to ensure the long-term viability of his/her regional network (with a small portion, if possible, to fund the work of the international network);

– He/she will rpepare a monthly report on project progress and difficulties encountered, and participate in at least one weekly meeting with a member of the International Network. Their reports will also be aimed at improving the management to which they themselves are subject (organizational health).

Job description for the person in charge of RS USA in France

This person will also be in charge of the development of the Sentience Network in India, for which she will also be hired ¼ time, still in close collaboration with Yves Bonnardel.

– Help build and manage the Sentience Network USA structure;

– Participate in the regular updating of the Sentience USA Network strategic goals;

– Advise the USA Regional Director on activities, issues, etc;

– Help fund the operations of the Sentience USA Network and a portion of their own salary;

– Ensure good communication on both sides of the Atlantic, both in terms of goals and means.

– Take care of the administrative and financial aspects of hiring the person in the US.

– Provide constructive criticism aimed at improving the person’s own management (organizational health).



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